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This is Kshitij, also popularly known by the name Code Eater. He has been teaching blockchain for more than 1.5 years and has provided Corporate Training on Blockchain to Companies like VISA. He has a Blockchain Channel by the name of Code Eater where he has taught thousands of Blockchain Developers. He has a passion for Blockchain Technology and loves teaching. He has taught thousands of students and many of whom are now working as blockchain developers in blockchain startups and MNCs.
Code Eater has only one mission: to provide quality content in the simplest way possible through animations and examples so that even a 12-year-old can understand the beautiful world of Blockchain Technology and its advantages.


Very Excellent and up to the mark. The Content provided was worth more than Rs.50,000. I am really satisfied with the overall content and classes in this course.

Tejas Dalvi

It was a very fabulous course. In this course, sir taught with very patience. This course was a complete power pack as it includes assignments, notes, quizzes, live class and many more. Thank you, sir.

Deepika Singhal

The course was wonderful. I was first learning it from YouTube but stuck many times but these live classes are so smooth that at the end of the day I can make my own dApp thank you so much Kshitij sir.

Raghav Shah

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